Valances FAQ

Q: What curtain rod size do I need for my valance?

Ideally, valances should have at least 2” – 3” overhang on both sides of the window opening.  That means the rod should be 2” – 3” wider than the window width. If the window has a frame/casing, the rod should be 1” - 2” wider than the distance of the window width measured from outside moulding to outside moulding.

  1. Example without window frame: The rod would be ~ 34”-36” for a window opening of 30” wide.
  2. Example with window frame: The rod would be ~38”-40” for a window that measures 36” across from end to end of the moulding.

Q: What valance width do I need for my window?

If hanging flat, the valance width will be the exact distance of the rod + returns (if the rod wraps around back to the wall).

If hanging with ruffles, the valance width should ideally be about 1.5 to 2 time the rod distance depending on how much gathering you prefer.  For example, if the rod is 30”, the valance should be about 45” wide.

Q: Can I request to customize the width of my valance?

Valances come in standard dimensions of 52" wide x 15" long, but customized to smaller dimensions. For smaller width or length, please put the custom dimensions in the NOTE section during checkout. 

Q: How to hang the valance with a professional designer look?

For best results, hang valance about 10 inches above window opening (space permitting).  This gives the illusion of a bigger window as well as minimizing the obstruction to the window opening.

Curtains FAQ

Q: What curtain rod size and curtain width do I need for my window?

Ideally, window curtains should be wide enough to accommodate about 6”-12” overhang on each side of the window (space permitting).  For example, if the window is 60” wide, you would use an 80” rod. When the curtains are drawn open, they will not be blocking the window opening.  The 10” overhang on both sides will accommodate the curtains allowing the entire window opening to show.  This will give an illusion of a bigger window. In this example, curtains should be AT LEAST 80”.  At 80”, the curtains will be flat when closed.  Any additional width in the curtains will give some nice ruffles when closed.

Q: How long should my curtains be?

Curtains should ideally be hung at least 12” above the window opening (space permitting).  For floor length curtains, measure the distance from the bottom of the ring clips to the floor.  This will be the length of your curtains. For mid length curtains, the curtain length should be the window opening height plus 6”-12” overlap above and 6”-12” overlap below.  For example, if the window opening is 30” in length, the curtain should ideally be 42”- 54” long.

Q: How to hang curtains with a professional designer look?

For floor length curtains, it is best to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible.  This will make the ceiling look taller and make your widow look more prominent.  This is very effective especially in small spaces. For mid length curtains, it is best to have the curtains overlap  12” above and below the window opening.

Drapery Lining FAQ

Q: Do I need to add lining to my valance or curtain?

Lining is optional. But added lining will:

  • Protect window treatment colors from fading due to outside sun exposure
  • Add more body and thickness to the window treatment
  • Present a clean uniform look from the exterior of your home

Last updated March 3, 2017